Our Story

Founded in 2015, theca has evolved from a single advertising instagram account to An influencing and inspiring digital platform

 Our CEO, Edit, in Paris for FW 2017

Our CEO, Edit, in Paris for FW 2017

Edit Vukatana first came up with the inspirational Instagram account Fashion For Dummies(fashion_fordummies) during her college days in Boston, as a hobby and a way to express her taste for fashion and lifestyle in general. After graduation, while evaluating the potential of the growing influence of the social media in terms of marketing, she decided to dedicate her time to create influential accounts. Edit founded Zara Mania first and Celine World later. Finally Fashion For Dummies was turned into Tales From The Village with a re-designed gallery and audience. 

Theca came as a solution to the growing interest these three accounts brought. Today it serves as a multifunctional platform where potential partners can find many of their questions and needs answered. 

Edit studied Business Administration and Psychology in Vienna, Austria and Boston, Massachusetts. Her biggest dream is to become a source of empowerment for women. She strongly believes that the biggest war and challenge comes from within - therefore she works hard everyday to free herself from limitations and encourages others to do so as well. 


Our Team

Edit Vukatana
CEO and Founder

Joana Vukatana
Advisor | Software Engineer

Egi Shijaku
UX Designer

 Our team at American Cut in May 2017

Our team at American Cut in May 2017


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